Simple Salt-Dough Goddess Plaque


If you’ve never really worked with salt dough before, or are looking for a Pagan craft project for your children, this is a fun, easy, and meaningful project to start with. The plaque pictured is a depiction of the Celtic Goddess Brigid, but this method can be easily adapted for making other goddesses as well by changing the details; put flowers or a rabbit in the hands for Ostara, fruits for a harvest goddess, etc. I used a strong salt dough formula for this project so that the finished project will be strong enough to hang on a wall.

1 batch of mixed & kneaded strong salt dough
tools: clay cutting tool or butter knife, pencil, wooden spoon, raised thumbtack
wax paper
cookie tray
paint (optional)

Step 1: Break off a handful of the salt dough and roll out a cylinder shape, narrower at the top, and flatten. This is the base of your plaque. When attaching additional dough pieces, remember to lightly dampen areas of the base with fingers dipped in water.

Step 2: Use the handle of a wooden spoon to press in ridges to resemble a flowing skirt.

Step 3: Roll out an oval-shaped ball of dough. Press onto top of base.

Step 4: Roll out a snake shape for the arms. Drape over the top and curl to meet slightly below the breasts or at the stomach.

Step 5: With dampened fingers, smooth top crease and shape shoulders and neck.

Step 6: Roll out a ball for the head and attach to the top.

Step 7: Roll out a thickish snake shape for the hair. Flatten and drape over top of head.

Step 8: Use a clay tool or butter knife to make a part in the hair, lines in the hair, and the neckline of a dress.

Step 9: Use a pencil to make eye holes, slanting the pencil to the side to shape. Roll out a small ball for a nose and blend into face with dampened fingers. (Paint on a mouth after drying, if desired.)

Step 10: Add something for her to hold. This one is holding a flame. To make a flame, shape a little lump of dough into a teardrop shape, cut wavy lines in it, and place it atop her hands. Roll out a narrow coil for a snake and place at the end of her skirt. Lay completed project flat to dry on wax paper-lined cookie sheet. After the top is dry, turn over and press a hole in the top center with the blunt end of a raised tack, for hanging. Let dry completely and paint, if desired.

goddess plaque how-to


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