Mint Water


This year I had a few folks come to my to my house for an Imbolc ritual. I invited everyone on the message group for my protogrove, plus just about every Pagan I know. Funny how no matter how many people I invite, the amount of people that shows up is always the perfect number for filling up all the chairs around my dining room table! So we had a cozy little group and our ritual was very similar to last year’s ritual, except this year I added a segment for people to share poetry or song. A twelve year old guest recited a delightful poem about Imbolc. We shared in song and meditation and stepped through Brighid’s Girdle.

For our “Waters of Life”, I prepared a half gallon jug of mint water. So cool and refreshing! The visual of fresh green sprigs in a chilled jug of water certainly fit the name “waters of life”. I will probably be using this simple and refreshing drink for many more ADF-style rituals to come. To make mint water, simply clean a bundle of mint springs. Lightly bruise them and pop into your jug (I filled mine about half way, but probably would have used more if I had more). Fill with water and put in the fridge to chill.

Mint Water

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