Yarn Dolls


Yarn dolls are simple to make, yet a versatile craft. Children (and grown-ups) can make yarn dolls to represent ancestors and deities to place on family and individual altars (or just make them for creative play!).

book scissors yarn


To make this craft, you’ll need:
a book (the height you want your doll to be)
optional: beads, charms, fabric scraps, and other embellishments

how to make a yarn doll
STEP 1: Wrap the yarn around the book 40 or more times.

STEP 2: Slide the yarn off the book. Tie it at the top with a separate piece of string, and cut the bottom end.

STEP 3: Tie off a couple of inches down from the top to form the head.

STEP 4: To make the arms, divide the yarn in half, and then the two halves in two again. The outermost bunches on each side are the arms. Braid each halfway down the length of the body. Tie at the wrist and trim.

STEP 5: Tie a piece of yarn around the waist. You can leave the bottom part as a skirt or divide in half and braid two legs as you did with the arms.

STEP 6: For the hair, wrap yarn (this can be a different color) around the short end of a book about 20 times. Slide off the book and cut the bottom end. Poke a piece of yearn through the center of the doll head. Center bundle of yarn hair on top of head and tie with the yarn.

At this point, you can add embellishments. Beads with large holes can be strung directly onto yarn. Beads and charms with small holes can be strung onto thread and tied on. Hair can be braided and styled in any number of ways. There are so many varieties of yarn and ways to personalize these! Use colors and symbols associated with the deity or spirit you mean to represent.

Yarn Dolls

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