vintage bottle makeover


If your looking for inexpensive containers for storing small amounts of herbs, I have an idea for you… You’ve probably seen these 1970’s style spice jars with the plastic stopper in a wooden rack at thrift stores. They’re pretty easy to find. Find ’em, get ’em. Soak them in hot soapy water. The old labels scrub off pretty easily. (If not, goop remover will help it along.) You can replace the plastic stoppers with tapered cork size 10, found at your local craft store.
vintage bottle makeover
You don’t need fancy materials or even a printer to make these labels. All you need is masking tape, a permanent marker, and a flame! Write the name on the masking tape, cut or tear it off, and touch the edges to a flame. When the edge catches fire, blow it out real quick, and watch those fingers! The resulting label will look like aged parchment. Masking tape makes an excellent label on glass and plastic surfaces. It sticks well, but comes off easily when you want it to.

masking tape parchment


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