sweetening spells


Sweetening spells are not necessarily love spells. On the contrary, they are mostly used to soften the heart of someone who may not like you so well or who may potentially cause you trouble, or someone who has power over you like a judge or employer. Imagine that you have an enemy. Well, maybe not exactly an enemy, but you don’t like them and they don’t like you. But also, they have some kind of power or authority over you, so you can’t hash it out with them without great risk to your livelihood or well-being, nor can you avoid them. So you turn to magic. You could work some kind of curse on them or similarly try to drive them away. This would take some time and a great deal of effort. Your negative feelings for that person would grow and grow… and perhaps you too would be effected by your own negative efforts. Unless this person has committed heinous crimes against you, perhaps it is best to hold back on making war water and consider another option…

The time and effort put into a sweetening spell is far more pleasant and far less detrimental to your own well being. Here is a traditional method for the classic “*honey Jar”:
Find a clean small glass jar with a metal lid and some sweetener (your target’s favorite sweetener, if you know what it is). Fill the jar nearly to the top. Write out a petition paper with your goal and target. Fold it toward you, turn it clockwise and fold it again. Now plunge the petition paper into the jar until it’s covered. Lick the sweetener off you fingers and say; “As this is sweet, so shall ________ be sweet to me.” (Alternatively, you could place the petition paper in first, then pour the honey over it.) Seal the jar with the metal lid.

At this point a lot of folks do some kind of candle magic on the top of the jar to add to the power and seal over the top, (and the whole thing later to be buried at a crossroads) but this isn’t necessary and perhaps not even desired if you want to actually use the sweetener inside for food magic. If you do want to use it for food magic, make sure all the ingredients you used are clean and edible– some people use herbs, oils, and personal effects in their sweet jar spells, but I believe this was something that was added on later (inspired, perhaps, by the use of herbs and personal effects in other spells) and not a part of the original tradition. There may be some historical precedence for using the sweetener in the jar (besides, poor folk magic practitioners would not have wanted to be wasteful).

So if you want to use it for food magic, simply serve your target a food or beverage you made with your (clean, untainted) sweetener from your jar. This could be a little over a long period of time, like in tea, on biscuits, or you could bake a batch of sweet cakes or other treats and give it to them as a gift. (Just don’t pour the petition paper into the batter!)

Another sweetening spell is the sugar cube spell: place a sugar cube over a petition paper or picture of your target. Wrap it all up in foil and carry on you or in your bag.

You can also use sweetening spells as preemptive magic (enemy preventing/friendship promoting) with people you’ve just met… Keep a small pouch in your bag stocked with gum or candy, with it a general spell paper promoting friendship and goodwill. Offer a piece of gum or candy from the bag to persons you’ve just met, or even before you introduce yourself.
Bring a sweet treat to new neighbors soon after they’ve moved in, one that you have put loving energy into making. Who can make enemies with someone who brings sweets?

Something you may have already figured out- the sweetening spell will sweeten you as well.

sweetening spells*Edit: consider using maple syrup in place of honey, here’s why. Also, check out this list of vegan sugars.


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  1. Lovely and very simple. I find that the process and ritual often is lengthy and complicated but this is literally just add hot water and stir. It can be done in a matter of minutes with very few ingredients, props or incantations. Nice one and one I must try.

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