The 4th Night of Yule


The fourth night of Yule is sacred to Ægir, Njörð & Freya. It would logically follow that this holiday would have an ocean theme, since both Ægir and Njörð are ocean gods. However, since we don’t live near the ocean, we’ve chosen this night to honor the Vanir race of gods in general, with an emphasis on those ones better known to us. A lovely Vanir blót found on Jordsvin’s Norse Heathen Pages that was written for the Equinox, can be adapted to the season of Yule.

Beautiful songs for Frey and Freya can be found on the Heathen Songbook Online. Also, an album that seems to capture the spirit of the Vanir for me, is Songs for the Strengthening Sun by Sharon Knight and T Thorn Coyle. Although it was clearly not made with this season in mind, I play selections from it anyway.

Vanir Night

Wagons and wheels are closely associated with the Vanir gods and goddesses, as their images were carted around in wagons in special ceremonies and to bless the land. One way to celebrate them this night may be to decorate a straw wheel, tie in ribbons and prayer slips, and then burn it as an offering (or just light candles on it).

After a blót or simple hails and libations, our feast for this night is Barley Soup with Bacon  and sourdough bread.

We read about the Vanir gods in D’aulaires’ Book of Norse Myths and in How to Be a Viking by Ari Berk by the glow of our Frey and Freya nightlight.

4th night of Yule

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