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Wicca and CR continued…


Yesterday I wrote some about the different kinds of Paganism I’ve been into, concluding that I’m now in an in-between state.  There are some things I like about Wicca and CR Paganism, and I’m also germinating ideas of what Ozark Paganism should be.  But before I get into the Ozark stuff, I’d like to write out what I like (and don’t like) about the aforementioned traditions.
What I like about Wicca:
*I like that it’s a well- established Pagan religion. 
*It’s not hard to find a Wiccan community. 
*I was Wiccan for a big chunk of my life, beginning when I was a teenager.  So Wicca, on some level, is like a ‘comfort food’ to me. 
*The emphasis on archetypes can be insightful.  
*Lots of holidays!
What I don’t like about Wicca:
*I was misled about Wicca’s origins. 
*Infighting between Wiccan traditions.  (Hierarchy vs. egalitarian, “my tradition is better than yours” kind of vibes, and the classic “if you don’t do ritual like I think you should, you are just a fluff-bunny”.) 
*A lot of cultural traditions have been “borrowed” from (and mix-n-matched) in the creation of Wicca, without thought to consequence for those cultures. 
*Commercialization- groups that charge you a couple hundred bucks (or more) for a workshop or retreat so that you can learn how to be a ‘real witch’ are held in high regard by the Wiccan community. 
*There’s the idea that you “create sacred space” when you cast a circle- I don’t agree with it.  Mother Nature creates sacred space.  I like circles because they are symbolic of eternity and the Goddess- but I don‘t agree with the idea that we need a circle of protection around us when doing ritual or magic. 
*While the four elements are a beautiful concept, I believe they are only symbolic, or representative of the natural world.  Many Wiccans believe in elemental beings- dangerous entities that will wreak havoc with you if you don’t cast your circle properly or don’t invoke them correctly.  
*The Wiccan Rede is too simplistic, and not realistic.
What I like about Celtic Reconstructionism:
*I feel a deeper connection to my ancestors when doing CR rituals.
*I believe whole-heartedly in the CR cosmology and ethics.
*CR seems like more of a family and hearth centered tradition.
What I don’t like about Celtic Reconstructionism:
*It’s hard to find other local CR Pagans- and having a Pagan community is important to me.