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A Druid Devotional for Kids


Because ADF encompasses all Indo-European cultures, I wanted to come up with something that any ADF family could use. These prayers are, for the most part, not culture specific. Many of them can be easily adapted to your specific hearth culture by inserting deity names in place of more general terms. Some Druids like to end prayers by saying “awen“. Others say “Biodh sé amhlaidh” (pronounced “bee shay ow-lee”) which means “so be it” in Gaelic, or the Old Norse equivalent “So sei es” (pronounced “zo zay ess”). You don’t really have to use an ending word/phrase, though. Some of these prayers are song prayers with links to the song or melody. Customize how you like and make a homemade book of prayers for your little one, adding clip-art or your own artwork.


Hail the Day
Hail the day, the sun, the sky!
May the Shining Ones give blessing.
Hail the Earth, and all Her children!
We are thankful for what we’ve been given.


Threefold Blessing  (set to the tune of “Triple Goddess Blessings” by Lisa Thiel)
As it was, as it is, as it evermore shall be
Thou triune, Kindreds Three; Ancestors, Gods, and Sídhe.
With the ebb, with the flow, be with me, here with me
With the ebb, with the flow, blessings be, blessings be.


Shining, Mighty, and Noble Ones
Shining Ones of endless Sky,
I pray to you; show me your light.
Mighty Ones who have gone before,
be with me as I learn your lore.
Noble Ones of leaf and land,
may we in peace go hand in hand.


Prayer for your Druid beads (Sarva Antah)
These three prayers can be used individually or as part of a Druid rosary. Click title above to hear them sung.

Ancestors, Ancient Ones,
Remember me as I remember you
Old Ones, hear my prayer,
And accept my offering of love.

Fur and feather, leaf and stone,
Aid me as I aid you.
Earth Spirits hear my prayer,
And accept my offering of love.

Gods and Goddesses, Shining Ones,
Honor me as I honor you.
First-Born of Earth, hear my prayer,
And accept my offering of love.


Shining Ones
Shining Ones hear my prayer,
keep me in your loving care.
Be my guide in all I do,
Bless all those who love me too.


Guardian Spirit
Guardian Spirit, always near,
Your watchful presence lingers here;
I’m thankful for you at my side
To light and guard
To help and guide.


A Child’s Grace
The Gods are great, the Earth is good,
So let us thank them for our food;
By Earth’s bounty, we are fed,
She gives us all our daily bread.


Children’s Mealtime Blessing
Thank you for the world so sweet,
Thank you for the food we eat.
Thank you for the birds that sing,
Thank you Gods for everything.


Mother Earth, Gods & Spirits
Mother Earth, kind and good,
We thank you for our daily food.
Gods and Spirits we hold dear,
We thank you for your love and care.


Goodnight Earth
The Earth is big and fat and round,
I love the sky, the sea and the ground,
I love the birds and dogs and sheep,
and all the animals that fall asleep,
I love the flowers and rocks and trees,
I love the Earth, and She loves me.


Nighttime Prayer
Now I lay me down to rest,
I know today I did my best.
Into the Kindred’s care I’ll be,
With Guardian Spirits watching over me.


Kindreds Bedtime Prayer
Kindreds bless and Kindreds keep
Three Kindreds watch me while I sleep.
Protect my health, my family, my home.
Protect my spirit as I roam.
Kindreds guide me through the night
And keep all nightmares from my sight.
Kindreds bless and Kindreds keep
Kindreds watch me as I sleep.

Druid Prayer Beads


Druid Prayer Beads

A while back I was wondering if anyone has ever come up with a modern day Celtic “mantra”.  I did a Google search and didn’t exactly find what I was looking for, but what I did find was a CD called “Celtic Mantras” by Sarva-Antah. I listened to the song from the CD titled “Prayer for Your Druid Beads“.  I really liked it because it contains very nice prayers to the Three Kindreds.

I liked it so much that I decided to make some prayer beads and use the song as a weekly devotional.  I had been wanting to make a Celtic rosary a while back but I couldn’t figure out what prayers I wanted to use. So I was very pleased to find this. But I couldn’t make out all the lyrics from listening, and came up with nothing in searching with Google.

So I decided I’d look at Druidic prayer bead designs and figure out the lyrics later.  So I searched “Druid prayer beads” and I found  “Three Kindreds Prayer Beads, A Druid Devotional“. Those were the prayers used in that beautiful song, and instructions to make the Druid beads from the website “Celtic Prayer Book”.  What a nice surprise!

I didn’t construct mine exactly as the instructions described, however.  I didn’t use the opening and concluding prayer either. I designed mine to be more in line with ADF Druid cosmology, with additional beads, bits of ADF and such, though it doesn’t quite have all the items from the ADF “core order of ritual”.

These are the beads I used:
9 (8mm) obsidian beads for the Ancestors (Mighty Ones)
9 (8mm) jade beads for the Nature Spirits (Noble Ones)
9 (8mm) amethyst beads for the Gods & Goddesses (Shining Ones)
4 large spiral beads (3 to introduce each set above, and 1 for a final Kindreds blessing)
1 triskele bead for the Sacred Center of Fire, Well, and Tree (I couldn‘t find a triskele rosary center, so I wired three spiral charms together.)
1 earth-tone stone bead for Realm of Land
1 sea-green stone bead for Realm of Sea
1 blue and white stone star bead for the realm of Sky
1 tree pendant

druid beads sketchAnd these are the prayers:
1. Tree – On the tree pendant I do a Tree of Life/ Two Powers meditation

2. Land – On the earth-tone stone bead, I say “The holy Land supports me.”

3. Sea – On the sea-green stone bead, I say “The primal Sea surrounds me.”

4. Sky – On the blue & White star-shaped stone bead, I say “The shining Sky ever arches above me.”

5. Sacred Center – On the triskelle I say,
“Fire, Well, and Sacred Tree,

flow and flame and grow in me.
Gatekeeper, walker of the ways between,
may the gates between the worlds be open.”

6. – 11. For the main body of the set, I use the prayers from “Three Kindreds Prayer Beads, A Druid Devotional“, leaving out the first and last paragraphs. (My spiral beads correspond to their “sun beads”.) The three main Kindreds prayers are the ones that are in the song.

12. On the last spiral bead I say, “I bind unto myself today
The Love, Guidance, and blessings of the Three Kindreds.”

13. Which brings me back to the Sacred Center, where I say, “Thanks be to the Kindreds. O Gatekeeper, may the gates of the worlds be closed.”