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Harvest Home Fruit Magic


appleWith another harvest holiday coming up, I thought this would be an auspicious time to share with you one of my favorite tricks from ye olde kitchen witch cupboard: a simple all-purpose fruit spell.

For this easy method of magic, one chooses a fruit of the appropriate symbolism, clearly visualize your goal or desire (see associations below, or use your own intuition). Then speak the words of your spell and eat the fruit.

I find that the ever-popular apple makes a great all-purpose fruit for this spell, so I like to keep some around. If you have chosen a large enough fruit, you could also carve runes or symbols of your goal into it. You could juice it into a potion, or bake it into a pie with symbols formed in the crust. You could even slice up a piece of fruit and share it in a group spell. If using an apple, you could slice it horizontally to reveal the star in the middle, eat around the center and make a wish on the star then bury it.

Below you will find the words I have crafted for a general fruit spell, and some associations I have for some common fruits. Of course, this spell could be used for other foods as well.

“Fruit of Earth, the Mother’s gift,
with you I seek a fateful shift.
With my goal placed well in mind,
your taste brings forth my will in kind.”

Harvest Home Fruit MagicFruit Associations for Magic
Apple: health, vigor, youthfulness, wholesomeness, and love.
Blackberry: abundance, prosperity, and protection.
Cherry: love, desire, passion, and playfulness.
Blueberry: protection, happiness.
Fig: sexuality and fertility.
Grapes: fertility, prosperity.
Lemon: cleansing and purifying.
Orange: friendship, courage, luck.
Paw-paw: protection, love, or revenge.
Peach: love, beauty.
Pear: love and desire.
Persimmon: joy and wisdom.
Pomegranate: desire, commitment, mystery, lifeblood.
Raspberry: love and protection.
Strawberry: youthful attitude, love and happiness.
Watermelon: joy, freedom, prosperity.

Autumn Equinox Magic Book


I made this little booklet as a short and simple introduction for children to some Autumn Equinox themes in Druid/Heathen tradition.

Print out, color, cut away the margins and fold into a book. For folding instructions see my article magic one-sheet-of-paper mini book.

Autumn Equinox magic book

Kids’ Activities for the Autumn Equinox



Look for these illustrated books at your local library to teach your children about the Autumn Equinox and some general traditions associated with it in various cultures:


  • Wild Child” by Lynn Plourde (for ages 3 – 8)


  • Help grown-ups with bringing in the harvest (or shopping for it at the farmer’s market) and with cooking the Harvest Feast.
  • Have your own Autumn Equinox ritual.
  • Heathens honor the Álfar (Elves) at Haustblót (Autumn Sacrifice). The Álfar are ancestral fathers and nature spirits. Make a little altar in your backyard with a flat stone and offer baked treats and other goodies.


  • Make a harvest necklace; soak a variety of large beans until they are soft enough to be pierced through with a needle, and string the beans onto dental floss.
  • With help from a grown-up, make a bread cornucopia. Fill it with local fruits and veggies to be the centerpiece of your harvest supper.

Kid's Activities for Autumn Equinox

Hallow Magic for the High Days


Most ADF rituals emphasize worship over magical workings, or so I’ve heard. It doesn’t have to be so… why not have it all? The Druid-style rituals I piece together tend to be short and sweet, so there’s plenty of room to add a little magic. Here are some ideas I’ve had for High Day themed magical workings that are aligned with the Triple Hallows. Most of these ideas are for outdoor rituals. For some of these, you may want to have a crafting session ahead of time, then have participants bring their finished work to the ritual, ready to give it that final “oomph” of energy before activating in the Hallow.

In the following workings, I use the word “intent” a lot. What I mean by this is the goal of your magic, and the act of thinking about it and letting the energy of it flow into what your are crafting or doing. Your intent can be for increase (like for prosperity, wisdom, love, for a few examples), or your intent could be something you want to release to the universe (like negativity, bad vibes… things that hold you back) for the Kindreds to transform it into something better or make use of somewhere else.

As a general guideline, do “releasing” work in the waning part of the year (Lughnasadh to Yule) or during a waning moon, and “increasing” work in the waxing part of the year (Imbolc to Midsummer) or waxing moon. Whatever your intent, you can often change it’s nature by perspective and wording, to flow with the season. For example; if you want to do prosperity magic, but it’s a waning season/moon phase, make it a “poverty banishing” working instead.

These are items that are fashioned to be burned in the Fire Hallow.

  • PRAYER LEAF: Hand out big Sassafras leaves (or other big leaves) and markers for participants to inscribe their intent through words symbols or pictures. This one is ideal for any High Day. I like to use it for Samhain, and with bay leaves on Imbolc. (For indoor rituals, use slips of flash paper instead; to avoid having a room filled with smoke.)
  • SUN SYMBOLS: Hand out thin straight sticks or wheat stalks and sun-colored yarn/raffia for participants to make rustic “god‘s eyes”, weaving with the energy and intent of their goal. This one is ideal for Summer Solstice.
  • HARVEST FIGURES: Hand out string, sticks, corn husks, raffia, and/or other dried plant materials for participants to shape and tie into human or animal form, representing a goal or intention completed. This one is ideal for Harvest holidays. I like to use it for the Autumn Equinox.

“At this time we shall infuse our ______ with the energies of our intentions.
When you are ready, you may come to the Fire and burn them.”
After all have done this, say:
“Our intentions have been released to the Sky, to the Kindreds,
and to the passing of the seasons. It is done.” ALL: “So be it!”

These are items that are fashioned to be placed in the Well Hallow. Consider using a flowing stream for your Well Hallow.

  • PRAYER BOATS: Hand out paper and markers/crayons for participants to make origami boats and inscribe their intent on them through words, symbols and/or pictures. I like this one for Lughnasadh/Freyfaxi.
  • FLOWERS: Let participants choose from a basket of flowers, the one that represents their intent, or make paper flowers. This one is ideal for Beltane.
  • PRAYER SLIPS: Hand out pens and strips of water soluble paper for participants to inscribe their intent. This is another good one for Imbolc.

“At this time we shall infuse our _____ with the energies of our intentions.
When you are ready, you may come to the Well and set them afloat.”
After all have done this, say:
“Our intentions have been released to the Waters, to the Kindreds,
and to the passing of the seasons. It is done.” ALL: “So be it!”

These are items that are fashioned to be hung from the branches of the Tree Hallow.

  • CLOOTIES (prayer flags): Pass around a basket of various colors of thin natural fabric cut in strips (or participants may bring their own; the magic is especially powerful when it is cloth torn from one’s own clothing). Participants choose color and pattern of cloth based on their intent and infuse them with the energy of their intent with touch and prayer. Each dip their cloth in the Well and tie to the tree. Ideal for any warm weather High Day.
  • TREE ORNAMENTS: Hand out toast, peanut butter, birdseed, string, and cookie cutters. Participants cut shapes from the toast, spread on peanut butter, and sprinkle on birdseed (all with intent!) then poke a string through for hanging. This one is a good one for Winter Solstice.
  • WISHING EGGS/SPHERES: Hand out papier-mâché eggs (with 2 holes poked in one end), paints, markers, and string. Participants use paint and markers to inscribe their intent through words, symbols and/or pictures on the eggs, then hang them on a tree or shrub with string.  Do this one for the Spring Equinox.

“At this time we shall infuse our ______ with the energies of our intentions.
When you are ready, you may come to the Tree and tie them.”
After all are tied, say:
“Our intentions have been released to the Land, to the Kindreds,
and to the passing of the seasons. It is done.” ALL: “So be it!”

Harvest Home Ritual 2013


This year, I wrote an Autumn Equinox ritual for my ADF Protogrove; Ozark Druids. As usual, I used some of my favorite liturgy from the ADF website, as well as a miscellany of other sources. I used my Simple ADF Ritual Outline of five ritual stages, three items each. Although I don’t usually include an Outsider offering in my own practices, I did for this ritual, wanting to give newcomers a more “authentically ADF” experience. The patrons of occasion are Frey and Freya. Speaking parts are in italics, and I didn’t specify who said what, as I am inclined to give parts to anyone who wants a role, writing in names on the margins of the script at the last planning meeting. I tried to keep it simple and allow for lots of group participation and ad lib.

Autumn Equinox Ritual Supplies ListHARVEST HOME         2013        OZARK DRUIDS

I. Beginning
•Redirecting Outsiders: “Outsiders, those who would oppose our work,
take this and turn away from our rites.” (Leave a whole piece of fruit at the edge of the yard.
Carry fire around ritual site to Hallow.)

•Water Purification: All receive a drop of water on their forehead with the words
“May all ill turn away.” (Use musical signal to mark the beginning of ritual.)

•Introduction: “Earth, Beloved Mother, You who are the bearer of all life,
we honor you this day and pray that you bless and uphold this rite,
on this day of the Autumn Equinox. Mother of all, receive our offerings!”
Kneel to kiss the earth, give offering.

II. Cosmos
•Three Realms Centering: “Let us take a moment to send our roots down through the soil… we soak up the energy that our Earth Mother freely gives… now down to the waterways below, we touch those sacred waters of wisdom, of the ancestors… be bring those energies up, centering within ourselves… now we reach our branches upward and soak up the energies of the sky, the realm of the Shining Ones… we center those energies within ourselves as well… the energies of the Three Realms spiral within us, and we know that…
we stand at the Center- of Earth, Sky and Sea.”

•Triple Hallows: Make offerings to the triple hallows, while saying:
“We give oil to the Fire. Sacred Fire, burn within us. We give silver to the Well. Sacred Well, flow within us. We give spice to the Tree. Sacred Tree, grow within us.”

•Gatekeeper (& opening the Gates): Make an offering to the Gatekeeper, then say:
“Hail Heimdallr, Gatekeeper, accept this offering and ward the ways between.” Lift hands from each of the Hallows, saying; “Let the Fire open, as a gate. Let the Well open, as a gate. Let the Tree open, as a gate… Children of the Earth, the Gates are open, we are now woven into the fabric of the universe. Here the Kindreds can read our thoughts and know our hearts. So let there be only truth here.”

III. Worship
•Invoking Kindreds: “Hail benevolent Ancestors, those who love us and watch over us,
we call to you, welcome you, and give offering.” (Make offering.)
“Hail Nature Spirits, those who dwell in and uphold the natural world about us,
we call to you, welcome you, and give offering.” (Make offering.)
“Hail Shining Ones, our beloved Gods and Goddesses,
we call to you, welcome you, and give offering.” (Make offering.)
“Hail Frey and Freya, beloved siblings of magic and prosperity,
Lord and Lady of the Vanir, who bring fruitful bounty,
we call to you, welcome you, and give offering.” (Make offering.)

•Offering: “At this time, any who choose to, may come forward and, silently or aloud, make prayers and offerings.”… When all have made their prayers and offerings, say:
“Kindreds Three, open our souls’ eyes that we may see you. Open our hearts to hear your wisdom. Bring us your blessings bright. Bless us as we honor the turning of the seasons
at the time of Harvest Home.”

•Omen: “What have the Kindreds to teach us today?”
Divine, and then say: “We hear what the Kindreds have said, and are made wise by it.” (message interpreted and recorded.)

IV. Blessing
•Blessing Cup: “Ancient Ones, the Children of the Earth call out for your blessing.
Hallow these waters, O Holy Powers. Grant us the blessing we seek.
May the Wisdom, Love, and Power of the Deities, Ancestors and Nature Spirits
flow into this cup of blessing.” (Hold pitcher up…) “This vessel now holds
the waters of life. We drink this in the name of the Kindred.”
(Take pitcher around the circle to fill everyone’s cup, and all drink.)
“May these waters we have received flow through our bodies and through our spirits,
and may they pour out into the rest of our lives.”

•Magic: “At this time we shall infuse our harvest dolls (or sticks) with anything we would like to release to the Land, the Kindreds, and to the passing of the seasons.
When you are ready, you may come to the fire and burn them.”
(Optional) song: Thanks Turns The Wheel (by Assembly of the Sacred Wheel)
Thanks turns the wheel Of the harvest. Thanks seals the circle of life.
Thanks blesses all our beginnings- and thanks blesses the end.

•Commemoration of Occasion:
“Earth Mother, bless this bread. Nature Spirits, lend your seed.
Let it nourish heart and head. Let it nourish thought and deed.
Let its breaking be a spell – that hungry mouths be fed as well.
And let its eating keep us free. And by the Kindreds, blessed be!”
Bread is broken and passed around the circle to share as a member plays some lovely harp music.

V. Conclusion
•Final Prayers: “At this time, any who choose to, silently or aloud, may come forward and make final prayers and offerings.”…

•Thanking: “We offer our thanks to the Mother of All.
We offer our thanks to the Gods, Dead and Spirits, and to Frey and Freya.
May the Three Sacred Kins bring joy to all beings, and renew the ancient wisdom.
To the Fire, Well and Tree, we offer our thanks.
May Wisdom, Love and Power kindle in all beings, and renew the ancient wisdom.
To the Earth, Sea, and Sky; we offer our thanks. May the ancient wisdom be renewed,
and may all beings know peace, joy and happiness in all the worlds.”

Ending: “Now by the keeper of the gates and by our magic we end what we began.
Let the fire be flame. Let the well be water. Let all be as it was before.
Let the gates be closed! We go now, as children of the Earth, in peace and blessings.
The ritual is at a close.”

Harvest Home Ritual - Ozark Pagan Mamma

Countdown to Autumn Equinox – Holiday Planner


August 23rd – 31st

  • Decorate home for the holiday / make crafts to decorate home.
  • Take seasonal (outdoor) pictures with family/friends.
  • Bring home foliage from above outing for crafts/decoration.

September 1st – 8th

  • Firm up ritual plans, if you haven’t already. Will you be attending a festival, local event, a family event, or doing something on your own? If you are planning the ritual, decide on location and script/liturgy.
  • Make an Autumn Equinox playlist.

September 9th – 15th

  • In addition to any ritual plans, you may want to plan on attending a local harvest event or hayride; check community calendars and plan accordingly.
  • Make menu plans and grocery list.
  • Shop for menu items.

September 16th – the equinox

  • Prepare feast (or potluck dish).
  • Have ritual, attend any other festivities, and celebrate!

Countdown to Autumn Equinox | Ozark Pagan Mamma

my 1st blót


As I mentioned a couple of weeks back, I’ve been very drawn to Norse Paganism for a while, so much so that I’ve decided to start making Asatru/Heathenry a part of my life, having Celtic Reconstructionist rituals and traditions for the Celtic High Days, but following Heathen ways for other holidays. Today I had my first Heathen ritual; a solitary blót (blessing).

This was a bit of an emotional ritual for me, since I was kind of “introducing” myself for the first time to the gods/goddesses of my German and English ancestors. I’ve been reading Norse mythology and the Eddas, as well as listening to music about the Norse gods on The Heathen Songbook Online. This has given me a really good feel for what the gods are all about. The stories are so detailed, I feel like it has all “come to life” for me more than any other pantheon/tradition has. Although I am quite new to this, I was very satisfied with this ritual.

My Winter Finding Blót (on the eve of the autumn equinox 2011)

For the warding, I didn’t want to do a hammer rite; I’ve heard that the hammer rite may be simply a Wiccan carry-over. But I found  something called the “Anglo-Saxon Hallowing Charm” and it seemed really right. So I lit the candles on my tree candelabra and walked around the house carrying it singing that charm, holding it out from me, sometimes circling it. This is a new tradition for me, and it felt really right and powerful. That tree candelabra is heavy and it seemed just the right thing to use for this. Not only does the tree symbolize Yggdrasil,  but also oak trees are sacred to Thor, so it could also be considered his symbol. Though the leaves on this metal tree look a bit more like Yggdrasil ash than Thor’s oak.

This is where I said:
“I stand here today upon this holy earth and speak for the first time to the gods and spirits of my German and English ancestors. I stand here today upon this holy earth to give thanks at the harvest time of the year, and to give offering and praise to the Aesir, Vanir, Landvaettir, Alf and Dises.”

This is where I said:
“Aesir, Vanir, shining gods and goddesses of my folk from time unknown, hear my call. Come share a drink and hear my praise. Spirits of the Land, and Spirits of my Ancestors, hear my call. Come share a drink and hear my praise.”

I marked the sign of the hammer over my cup of cider and raised it aloft for a moment. (I’m making mead for rituals like this, but it isn’t ready yet.)

I sang both “Gods of My Life” and “My Gods, Your Love”. After each stanza I took a drink and poured some in the libation bowl. I admit that second song got me a little teary eyed. After the songs I did some ad-lib personal toasts and libations, hailing and thanking individual gods and goddesses for the harvest and for coming into my life. I did the same for the Landvaettir, Ancestors, and especially the Disir, the ancestral mothers.

This is where I poured the rest of the cider into the libation bowl, then took it outside and poured it’s contents onto the ground at the base of a shrub and said:

“From the gods to earth to us, from us to the earth, to the gods.”



(A part of my “little ritual” series.  Materials from, and adapted from ADF, the Carmia Gadelica, and other sources.)  Bring a cornucopia of first fruits to this ritual in addition to the usual “little ritual” supplies.

*(Edited to note: I wrote this ritual when I was a Celtic Reconstructionist and scheduled it for this later date. For info on how to convert this ritual to an ADF format, see the “little rituals” article highlighted above.)

Circumambulation (Circle ritual area three times. Skip this if ritual is at home.)

“I am here to keep the old ways
and honor the Kindred at the time of Mid-Autumn.”

Three Realms Blessing
“As it was, as it is, as it evermore shall be —
I stand at the Center of Earth, Sky and Sea.”

Fire Lighting
“I kindle the sacred fire in wisdom, love, and power.”
(light fire) “Sacred fire, burn within me.”

Hail to the Spirits
“Hail, Earth Mother, whole and holy, honor unto thee!”
(touch the earth if outside, give offering)
“I offer now as the ancients did to the Kindreds Three!”
“To the Fair Folk, I give offering and welcome.”  (place offering in bowl or fire)
“To the Ancestors, I give offering and welcome.”  (place offering in bowl or fire)
To my Deities, I give offering and welcome.”  (place offering in bowl or fire)

Greeting to the Autumn Equinox
(from the Celtic Devotional by Caitlin Matthews page 95)

Hold up a small cornucopia of fruits and say:
“Earth, Holy Mother, Source of Nature,
you feed us while we live, hold us when we die. 
Everything comes from you, everything returns to you. 
What else could we call you but Our Mother? 
Even the Gods call you that.  Without you there is nothing. 
Nothing can thrive, nothing can live without your power. 
Queen and Goddess, I invoke you. 
You are all-powerful and my needs are so small. 
I ask that you pour forth your blessings
into these fruits to bless me and mine. 
We will receive in love and gratefullness
all that you bless us with.” 
Eat a sampling of the fruit, slowly, mindfully.
(Reserve the rest for the family.)

Parting Blessing
“I offer my thanks to the Mother of All. 
I offer my thanks to the Deities, Ancestors and Fair-Folk.
May the Three Sacred Kins bring joy to all beings,
and renew the ancient wisdom.
As it was, as it is, as it evermore shall be.”

More Autumn Equinox Activities for Kids


leaf stained glass
Lay down several layers of newspaper on a flat surface.  On a large sheet of wax paper, let you child arrange pressed leaves in a design or pattern.  Place another sheet of wax paper over this.  Iron the layers together with an iron set on low.  Trim the edges and hang in a window.

Here’s three rhyming games for younger kids:
Autumn winds begin to blow (blow)
Colored leaves fall fast and slow (make fast and slow motions with hands)
Twirling, whirling around in mirth(twirl around)
‘Til at last, they touch our Mother Earth (touch ground)

This is the Way We
This is the way we rake the leaves rake the leaves, rake the leaves
This is the way we rake the leaves in the middle of Autumn.
This is the way we jump on the leaves, jump on the leaves, jump on the leaves
This is the way we jump on the leaves in the middle of Autumn.
This is the way we throw the leaves Throw the leaves, throw the leaves
This is the way we throw the leaves in the middle of Autumn.
This is the way we rake the leaves rake the leaves, rake the leaves
This is the way we rake the leaves in the middle of autumn.

Little leaves fall gently down
Red and yellow, orange and brown. (flutter hands like leaves falling)
Whirling, whirling around and around. (turn around)
Quietly, without a sound. (put finger to lips)
Falling softly to the ground (begin to fall slowly)
Down and down and down and down. (lie on ground)


apple crafts
The first weekend of October is apple festival time in Lincoln, Arkansas!  Though apples are usually in season for us here by Autumn Equinox, apple crafts are great for either an Autumn Equinox or Samhain activity.
Apple prints- cut open an apple horizontally to reveal the star pattern made by the seeds.  This can be dipped in paint and used as an art stamp.  Dried apple garlands/wreaths- slice apples ¼ inch wide, soak in 1 cup of lemon juice and 1 tablespoon salt for 2 hours.  Dry on a cookie rack in a 200 degree oven for 2 or three hours.  Let cool.  Poke a hole in the edge of each to string onto ribbon to make a garland, or glue onto a cardboard circle to make a wreath.  You could even try making apple dolls with the instructions at appledolls.org.

Cornhusk Shuttlecock Games
To play this game, you will need a pokean- a shuttlecock made of corn husks and feathers.  Gather together a few corn husks, some twine, and three large feathers.  Lay two large husks on a flat surface in the shape of a sun cross.  Fold a third husk into a square and place it in the center of the cross.  Fold the ends of the husks up over the center and tie with the twine.  Stick the ends of the feathers into the top of the pokean.  One simple way to play is to see who can toss the pokean into the air the most times in a row with the palm of the hand.  More games and an illustration on the pokean can be found on the nativetech website.

Here are some nice picture books about the Autumn Equinox and harvest celebrations around the world.  (I found them at my local library.)
We Gather Together by Wendy Pfeffer
The Autumn Equinox by Ellen Jackson

Another fun little thing is this autumn kaleidoscope.

See my previous Autumn Equinox activites page for more.

More Autumn Equinox Activities for Kids - Ozark Pagan Mamma

Autumn Equinox Crafts for Kids


bean necklaces
Soak beans of various colors in water overnight.  In the morning, they will be soft enough to be pierced through with a needle and string to make necklaces and bracelets.

papier-mâché cornucopias
To make this project, first you will need to make some paper ropes.  Here’s how:
1. Lay a full size sheet of newspaper flat and drizzle with thick flour and water paste or glue.  Use a scrap of cardboard to  spread the paste over the entire sheet.
2. Lay another full size sheet of newspaper on top of the paste, 1 inch lower than the sheet below it.
3. Starting from the bottom, roll the 2 sheets together into a tube.
4. Twist the paper tube into a rope.
Now, to make the cornucopia, place a small bowl upside down on your work surface. Wrap one of your paper ropes around the bowl rim with the bowl upside down on the work surface. Cut off any excess length and paste ends together.  Let dry.  (You may need to tape it in place until it dries.)
Next paste one end of another paper rope to ring around bowl, leaving other end free. Attach 7 more ropes around ring in the same way, spacing them evenly.
Bring free ends together over bowl. Pull then off center to form a curved horn shape and paste in place. It will look a little bit like a tomato cage in structure.  Let dry, then remove bowl.
Make more paper ropes to weave into the cornucopia.
Paste end of a new rope to one of the cross ribs near top of basket. Weave other end of this new rope in and out of ribs, repeating with new lengths of rope until all spaces are filled in, using paste or glue where needed.
Let dry, then paint/decorate how you wish.  Fill cornucopia with real or papier-mâché fruits and vegetables.


markerpointsamplermarker point samplers
This is a simple and fun art project I found in Family Fun Magazine last year.  All you need are markers in various colors, a pencil, and graph paper.  First, use a pencil to lightly mark out letters and designs on the grid paper.  This example says “give thanks” but if you want to be more elaborate you can spell out “happy harvest” or anything you like.  When you are happy with your design, use markers to X in your design then go back and erase pencil marks.