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Countdown to Yule – Holiday Planner


December 1st – 7th

  • Take seasonal (outdoor) pictures with family/friends.
  • Bring home a tree, evergreen foliage for crafts/decoration, and a Yule log, if you have a fireplace.
  • Begin holiday shopping, if you haven’t already. (Read A Frugal Yule.)

December 8th – 14th

  • Make or firm-up ritual plans; where, when, with who, etc. It is possible to celebrate 12 days of Yule with rituals and feasts. Decide how much celebrating best suits your available time and energy.
  • Make menu plans, a grocery list, and shop for non-perishable items.

December 15th – 19th

  • Shop for the rest of your menu items.
  • Prepare some menu items in advance (if applicable).
  • Finish up gift shopping & wrapping.

December 20th – 31st

  •  Prepare feast(s).
  •  Have ritual, attend any other festivities, and celebrate!

Countdown to Yule

A Midwinter Rite


(A part of my “little ritual” series.  Materials from, and adapted from ADF, the Carmia Gadelica, and other sources.)

Purification: Smudge/sain with Juniper smoke

Circumambulation (circle ritual area three times. Skip this if ritual is at home.)

“I am here to keep the old ways and honor the Kindred at the time of Midwinter.”

Three Realms Blessing
“As it was, as it is, as it evermore shall be — I stand at the Center of Earth, Sky and Sea.”

Hail to the Spirits
“Hail, Earth Mother, whole and holy, honor unto thee!”  (touch the earth if outside, give offering)
“I offer now as the ancients did to the Kindreds Three!”
“To the Fair Folk, I give offering and welcome.”  (place offering in bowl)
“To the Ancestors, I give offering and welcome.”  (place offering in bowl)
“To my Deities, I give offering and welcome.”  (place offering in bowl)
“Modron and Mabon, divine Mother and Child, I honor you this night.”  (place offering in bowl)

Greeting to the Winter Solstice (Celtic Devotional by Caitlin Matthews- p. 23)

Make offering or libation.

Kindling the Solstice Flame
[Have ready a holly circlet to be burned in the fire of an oak Yule log.  Alternately, if a large fire is not possible, size the circlet to fit over the base of a sun-candle (large pillar candle with 3 wicks).]
Light the candle or oak Yule log and say:
“I light this flame for the infant Solstice Sun.” 
Look through the holly circlet and watch the flame/fire, meditating or scrying the future.
When the fire is big enough, toss in the holly, or if using a candle,
ring the holly over the candle to rest at it’s base.  Say:
“The Sun Child has passed the Gate,
He has been reborn through the Mother,
with Him we are each reborn.” 
(If burning the holly over the Yule log, pause now and watch it burn completely.)  Say:
“Now let the flame of Yule flare forth this night through death and darkness deep.
To all far-farers and folk of earth, as a beacon — its brightness burns, as a blessing — it blazes forth.”

Parting Blessing
“I offer my thanks to the Mother of All.  I offer my thanks to the Deities, Ancestors and Fair-Folk.
May the Three Sacred Kins bring joy to all beings, and renew the ancient wisdom.”

“As it was, as it is, as it evermore shall be.”